Translation, please

Greetings from the Kingdom of Wonder!

I’ve struggled with these entries lately. I’ve typed out pages upon pages, released them, then took them away and stored them as drafts.
It’s sometimes difficult to submit my personal thoughts and experiences into cyber oblivion.
I change my mind, and I am constantly learning.
I don’t even want to imagine what some of my posts could have been, had I typed out some of my inconclusive thoughts when I first arrived here. ..whoa.

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been in 100% culture shock since I landed.


I’ve resisted the label, even if it meant lying to myself.
Maybe I pushed out the thought as some sort of personal survival tactic.
Either way, I’ve realized it, and accepted it.

I feel the tourist to expat transition approaching.
There are constant new experiences and changes happening in my life here, but I’m learning to master the basics. It was just a matter of time, anyways.

I drove a moto on Thursday. That’s huge for a girl that always just held on.
Laughed my butt off the entire time while my friend (moto owner) and another friend (security man) blocked the surrounding parked cars lol
(I got the hint….trust me a little bit!)

I did it! And I didn’t get kicked off 😉 I’d be capable of owning one with an hour of practice. Tops.
Until then, I’ll just cruise.

I absolutely love it here.

Small town girl in a big, new world.
I can promise you, there is absolutely no where on this planet like it.


Meghan and our friend on the way to her home province.

20130518-152041.jpgFried Bananas ((:


20130518-152122.jpgChicken garlicy goodness in Kandal





20130518-152227.jpgSugarcane juice cart

I picked up a friends class at a new, smaller school and I really love it. I’m the only westerner, the staff rocks and these kids are so much more than kids. Easily the best class I’ve ever had. They’re changing my life, and we just met.

It feels good to feel so foreign but it is definitely a scale that can be tipped either way. Sometimes, it’s just down right embarrassing.
Nothing shows who you really are until you’re the only thing you can pronounce.

Sometimes I feel like an ambassador.
What has been here before me?
What’s expected of me?

The #1 thing I miss the most besides my family is AMI, without question.
Comfort and monogamy.
Just me and the beach.
But I’m embracing it.

Be…..yourself. It’s all you’ve got, really.

Everything is shared here. Beds, vehicles, food, phones, staplers, whatever.

If you don’t want something touched…leave a note. haha
It’s incredible, frustrating, interesting, and hilarious but so beautiful to me.

You are 100% responsible for yourself in so many ways, but so deeply connected to what and who surrounds you.
Selfishness translates into karma.
Take care of your brothers and sisters now because you had to be selfish that one time.

Pretty simple, but powerful to witness.

I’m taking more and more from this everyday.

It’s black every time I blow my nose and I’ll never be able to eat a pineapple or mango without craving spicy sugar salt, again.
I sweat everything inside of me out within a matter of hours, and I’m learning one of the rarest languages in the world.

It’s easy to get lost, physically and metaphorically speaking, but I’m blessed and so grateful for everything this place is and has done for me.
There’s hope in this country, and it’s beating like a drum.


Knom sahbai cheit (:



3 thoughts on “Translation, please

  1. I love reading this blog! 🙂 amazing thing your doing! You’re inspiring! I don’t think I would have said that 8yrs ago!, but I defiantly mean it now! Keep us updated! You’re writing is magnificent!

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