Learning To Let Go

To free your mind of whatever or whoever it may be that wears you down; it’s quite the complexity, as we are guided through our lives with varying factors, both internal and external that I believe we are physically programmed to learn from.

Some blame the world for their problems, others absorb the negatives and beat themselves up over circumstances that have occurred in their lives.

We are all human. We all make “mistakes”, or say things we don’t mean, or hold on to certain behaviorisms simply because we believe that’s just “how we are” or that’s just “how it is”.

We all have fear. We all have a history.
Some let it define them. Some don’t.

Where do the lines of acceptance, and freedom of self meet?
Who controls our lives, the way we spend our days, and how we treat those that surround us?

There was once a specific time in my life when I was drowning in fear of losing someone that I believed to be the most important person I had ever met.
This fear and self-doubt changed the person I was. I behaved differently, said things I’d never said before, redirected my career path, and ultimately crashed and burned.

Resentment is a difficult and abstract emotion to understand.
It’s even more difficult to conquer and channel into something much more healthy and productive.
But it is not impossible.

I’m sort of bouncing around with this entry, but my ultimate purpose of writing is to remind myself and those reading that it is OK to to feel lost sometimes.

There is one time to change the way we think, and it’s right now.
Let go of what is bothering you.
Even if those around you remind you of the past by saying “you did this” or “you said that” or strike that heart string of saying “you’ll never change”….smile inside, because today is a new day.

Use whatever or whoever is weighing you down for empowerment.

Take a walk.
Read a book.
Put your favorite song on repeat and turn the volume all the way up.
Plant a garden.
Take photographs.
Send out a “Thank You” card, just because.

Trust and never ever give up on yourself.

You have a purpose.

Sincerely yours,


3 thoughts on “Learning To Let Go

  1. It’s like these words were meant just for me. You write so beautifully and reach deep down into everything I am feeling. Thank you for this and everything you are! Love you!!!

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